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QCF Training and Qualifications
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QCF Training and qualifications

This is a qualification that is designed for candidates involved in construction or warehouse machinery.

The QCF in plant operations is a work based learning qualification designed to recognise and enhance the skills of persons from the logistics and transport sectors.

The aim is to provide a recognised qualification to assist in their duty and role and provide a platform for future advancement.

Designed for:

  1. Persons engaged in various sectors of the construction and warehouse industry who wish to gain certification and have their competency recognised.
  2. New employees who have undergone basic training and who are now gaining industry experience with a view to gaining a recognised qualification.

Candidates have the opportunity to develop skills within all aspects of industry which will assist in gaining the qualification.

The Plant Operation QCF is a unit by unit approach and dependant on the category taken, there will be a varying number of units to complete.

Conform to General Warehouse Safety.

This unit is about awareness of relevant and current statutory requirements and official guidelines. This also encompasses personal responsibilities relating to workplace safety, the wearing and correct use of appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment), compliance with warning/safety signs personal behaviours and safety in the workplace.

Conform to Efficient Work Practices.

This unit is about interpreting information, planning and carrying out productive and efficient work practices, working with others or as an individual.

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