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QCF Training and Qualifications
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QCF Training and qualifications

What are QCF's and Apprenticeships?

What is an QCF?

What is an Apprenticeship?

  • QCF for subject type
  • Keyskills for Application of Number and Communication. Some qualifications include Information, Communication and Technology.
  • Some apprenticeships have a Technical Certificate also known as BTEC's attached to the programmes. The BTEC is to assist further knowledge within the industry of the Apprenticeship.
  • Work-Skills assist learning for employment rights and responsibilities and personal learning and thinking skills.

Learners Journey

  1. Your eligibility for funding
  2. Take part in a discussion to allow information, advice and guidance to be given, ensuring you are signed up to the right course
  3. Complete a numeracy and literacy initial assessment
  4. Take part in a Training Needs Analysis to establish if you have any training needs which will help you gain the underpinning knowledge required to assist you in your current job role
  5. Agree qualification and training followed by an induction to the programme


  1. Allocation of an Assessor who will contact you to arrange a first meeting
  2. Introduction to your chosen qualification and selection of units
  3. Look at the types of evidence you can use towards your qualification


  1. Review your progression
  2. Plan further progression
  3. Review any training delivered
  4. Carry out a task that relates to the qualification being delivered. These stages will continue until completion.

Internal Verification (IV) & Sign-Off

  1. Once your qualification has been completed our IV's (quality assurance) will check the work submitted and confirm your Assessor's decision of completion
  2. Certificate claimed
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